Prime Online Website Builder Review

Pretty much every business demands a site. Nonetheless, you can surely draw much more attention online by a website that comes with the latest trends in website design. These are characteristics that make your brand discovered ahead of the rivals.

Easy Website Builder

This gets even better. Right now, you can make a great web page for your business without having programming or development skills. The 8b Online Website Builder is really the software for that work. It is free of cost as well as easy to use.

What is 8b Simple Website Builder?

8b Tech Ltd has fairly recently launched an Online Website Builder that enables clients to create their web page using their iphones.

In the simplest words, the 8b AMPPage Maker is a software you can easily apply to build your web site despite the fact that you don't have coding skills. The manageable attributes of the 8b Simple Website Builder can make it easy and convenient for you to choose the tool both online and offline. And so you can easily have a great time inserting and editing attributes of your site project to create a web site with cutting-edge and responsive features.

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8b Online Website Builder is a straightforward and absolutely free Page Creator that may be utilized both on- and offline. This browser-based application is based on AMP in order that your web site can load faster on phones. Customers can build a responsive web site by using this app.

AMP symbolizes Accelerated Mobile Pages. At presents, a large number of individuals have their mobile phones to explore web pages. Thus, a mobile-friendly web site can load much faster on their cell phones. You will definitely be shocked to find out that 8b Site Maker helps in designing a mobile site. This particular Website Builder app provides 2 technologies i.e. Bootstrap and AMP Pages. Each of these systems are very well known to design a mobile-friendly, pleasant, and quick loading web page.

How 8b Simple Website Builder Works

8b Simple Website Builder is a straightforward network and you can use it with no problem. Check out the 8b main page and seek "Create Site for" form and you can find the pull-down menu with the title "Select Here". Right here you are going to see a wide array of templates and you can go for one according to the topic of your company. The system provides templates for Agency, company, consulting firm, event, gaming blog, hotel, writer, lawyer and so forth.

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The actions on how the Easy Website Builder operates are very few since the plan is to provide easier means of producing web sites; stick to all of these basic steps, and your site is set to be discovered by website visitors.

Step 1: Download 8b Web Page Maker application and install it on your cellphone.

Step 2: Pick a template from the many readily available templates that concern various niche to begin managing a new website.

Step 3: Start editing your site by pulling blocks of components you need your web site to feature, and put them where that satisfies you.

Step 4: Your page is ready to get started as soon as you end up enhancing it to your preferred taste. This ought to be the final stage of the procedure except there could be something you intend to switch, at that point do not hesitate to go just a few steps back and edit appropriately. Publishing your website puts it out to visitors and web traffic to flow in to view your contents.

8b Templates

Simple Website Builder offers more than 17 templates available on the platform and you might utilize these templates to create the web site for your firm.

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The themes of the Online Website Builder are excellent for consumers who have to have sites for e-commerce, entertainment, sports, property, legal or hospitality services, article writers, and wedding planners.


The complete article speaks precisely of the real benefits for which you have to decide to use the Simple Website Builder with respect to your website. We will summarize the motivating features into all these few advantages that involve:

  • That generates present day internet sites which are quite mobile-ready with an unlimited quantity of sites.
  • The site designing procedure is exciting and proficient.
  • The application provides a top easy to use interface.

Online Website Builder

  • You do not really need to learn programming .
  • Web pages are quickly managed when needed.
  • The website generator is adjustable that it makes it possible for you to choose your own backgrounds in template you choose to apply.

Final thought

Lastly, the convenience at that you can use 8b to design a web page from scratch is almost unimaginable. And as soon as you are already ready, with a few mouse clicks, you can publish your website, putting your product out there, to an international target market.

Try it immediately absolutely for free, register and start creating your web site in mins.